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Chinese gold mine in the Shandong region for the first time to discover new mineral ore by Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry ─ Chan Guoda Mineral TEXT SIZE: A A A
Recently, By the examination and approval of the International Association of minerals and mineral named the new mineral Committee, researcher Gu xiangping and others firstly discovered the new mineral with silver, iron, tellurium, sulfur in Chinese famous gold mine in shangdong region, to commemorate the late geologist Chan Guoda of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the new mineral was named as Chen Guoda Mineral, their research results will be published in the recent "Chinese Science Bulletin" in 2008 on the first 17. Chen Guoda Mineral(Ag9FeTe2S4 , Orthorhombic) was founded in the Chinese mineral Jiaodong port area south of gold with gold-bearing quartz vein, Output was fine, 10-70 micron size, the average silver content is 68.53%, research is very difficult. So, members of the project cooperated with Japanese Hiroshima University and Central South University, using synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction technique, determined the mineral crystallization parameters and other parameters of Mineralogy successfully. In Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry this is the third discovery of new mineral after Tu calcium phosphate rock and Xie super spar TSE discovered by the study group who studied the high-pressure minerals and micro-mineral led by Chen Ming and Xie Xiande researcher in recent years. Mr. Chen Guoda is well-known geologist who made great contributions in the field of tectonics and mineralization, and in 1956 founded the independent tectonic school - to depression theory.
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