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  Research Hightlights
The link between reduced porphyry copper deposits and oxidized magmas [09/04/2014]
Ren’s research group from GIG makes progress in in situ Pb isotopic analysis... [05/23/2014]
Xiong’s research group revealed the effect of evaporation on the concentrati... [05/15/2014]
The causes of the Middle Permian mass extinction [04/29/2014]
Xiong’s research group built a new experimental approach for accurate determ... [03/31/2014]
A Cubic Perovskite Polymorph of SrSiO3 been Synthesized at ~38 GPa and 1500... [01/06/2014]
High Oxygen Fugacity and Slab Melting Linked to Cu Mineralization: Evidence f... [07/16/2013]
Progress of structural analysis of an emerging accretionary prism in Hengchua... [07/16/2013]
A series of achievements have been made in research on the formation mechanis... [07/10/2013]
Tetraether and alkenone reflect different temperature signals in the South Ch... [07/10/2013]
Significant impacts of Siberian biomass burning on organic aerosols over the ... [07/10/2013]
Latest Publicatian List of GIG,CAS(MAY 6-JUN 14) [06/18/2013]
Differentiation of nelsonitic melts in the formation of nelsonites in the Dam... [05/27/2013]
Advanced Oxidation Kinetics and Mechanism of Preservative Propylparaben Degra... [05/17/2013]
Latest Publicatian List of GIG,CAS(MAR 30-MAY 5) [05/13/2013]
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