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GIGCAS Prof. Zeng Yongping warmly greeted by CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao TEXT SIZE: A A A

   On September 30, 2009, CPC (Communist Party of China) General Secretary, PRC (People’s Republic of China) President and CMC (Central Military Committee) Chairman Hu Jintao warmly greeted delegates of overseas talents and returned overseas talents including GIGCAS Prof. Zeng Yongping (4th left of the 2nd last row). President Hu expressed his deepest wishes that all overseas talents have their motherland and their native places in their minds and continue to serve their motherland by various means. He hoped that the returned overseas talents can carry on the glorious traditions, keep forging ahead and work hard to show brilliant performance worthy of the times.

    It was told that the delegates of overseas talents and excellent returned overseas talents greeted by Hu Jintao and other party and state leaders were specially invited by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to attend the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

    Prof. Zeng Yongping currently acts as the director of GIGCAS-SKLOG (State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry). He was admitted into the CAS Program for Attracting Outstanding Overseas Talents in 2003, secured funding from the National Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists (Foreign) in 2005, and was granted the honorary title of Advanced Individual of the 3rd CAS Innovation Culture Construction Program in 2007. He is currently associate editor of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (the leading journal in international environmental science), associate editor of Journal of Hydrology (the leading journal in water resources field), editor of Journal of Environmental Sciences-China, fellow of the Asia-Pacific Regional Branch of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

    In the past many years, Prof. Zeng has performed in-depth and systematic study of distribution, migration, recirculation and diffusion of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in offshore oceanic environment, and study of concentration and toxicology of POPs in aquatic organisms. He suggested that repeated suspension of sedimentary particles in deep sea and their shifting along with sea flow can account for the mechanism for re-circulation and diffusion of sedimentary pollutants, hence confirming the possibility of transformation of sediments into secondary pollution sources. In recent years, in regard to environmental pollution issues as brought about by the rapid economic development in the Pearl River Delta, he systematically carried out regional environmental and geochemical studies, and has published nearly 80 papers in international SCI-indexed journals (and served as the first author or corresponding author for nearly 50 such papers). Among all these papers, 24 papers were published in the international top journal in environmental science, i.e., Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) (with Dr. Zeng serving as the first author or corresponding author for 15 such papers). Moreover, Dr. Zeng Yongping was listed as the scientist with high citation index in the category of environment and ecology in terms of essential science indicator by ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) in USA.


          (Contributed by the Administrative Office of GIGCAS on March 29, 2010)


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