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Prof. Taicheng An from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences won “SCOPE-ZHONGYU Young Scientist Environmental Awards 2011” TEXT SIZE: A A A

   During the SCOPE-ZHONGYU Environmental Forum (2011)--Environmental Science and Sustainable Development, Prof. Taicheng An from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences was announced to win “SCOPE-ZHONGYU Young Scientist Environmental Awards 2011”. In 2010, the SCOPE-Zhongyu Environmental Awards were inaugurated by the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) and the Zhongyu Environmental Technologies Corporation with the aim of sustaining and guiding the development of environmental science and technology as well as fostering cooperation in environmental protection and management strategies. This program recognizes and encourages outstanding scientists who contribute to the improvement of the world environment through promotion of environmental sciences, technological advances and research on best management practices. Generally, the Young Scientist Awards on Environmental Issues are awarded annually to three researchers who have made outstanding achievements or significant contributions to research on 1) environmental sciences, 2) environmental technology and 3) environmental management.

   Prof. Taicheng An has mainly been working on the heterogeneous photocatalysis and biological degradation kinetics and detoxification mechanisms of emerging organic pollutants in water and air. In addition, he also works on the integration and environmental applications of various potential pollution controls technology for air pollution control and water treatment. Due to his significant contribution to the environmental transportation and toxicity assessment, and treatment of organic pollutants in water and air with photocatalytic and biological technologies, he was awarded a 2011 SCOPE-Zhongyu Young Scientist Award on Environmental Issues on environmental technology and innovation, through a competitive nomination and worldwide review process. This award is also the first SCOPE-Zhongyu Young Scientist Award to Chinese Young Scientist worked on environmental issue. The other two laureates in year of 2011 are from Israel and USA, respectively.  

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