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.Mineral and hydrocarbon resources is a key guarantee to economic development and national security of China. The reserve of solid mineral deposits and hydrocarbon resources explored and validated at the current stage in China has been over-consumed due to high speed economic development, which results in severe contradictions between supply and demand. The Chinese government paid increasingly close attention to works related to mineral deposits and hydrocarbon resources, and research on prediction of mineral resources and hydrocarbon resources is urgently required by national economic and social development.  

In compliance with the strategic requirements for hydrocarbon and mineral resources by social and economic development of China, Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources Research Center is established based on structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry and economic geology, and focused on integration of modern ore-forming theories, new exploration technologies and methods as well as 3S techniques. The Center is committed to research in prediction, exploration demonstration, prospecting and exploration technologies, aiming to push forward related basic theoretical study through applied research and to cultivate a team of talents engaged in hydrocarbon and mineral resources study.  

The research targets are set out as follows:

  • Research and development of effective exploration technology or technologies, revealing ore-forming rules and discovering a series of resources bases;
  • Demonstrative study of methods and techniques for assessment and integrated exploration of mineral resources and hydrocarbon reservoirs, establishment of a combination of techniques for exploration of mineral resources and hydrocarbon reservoirs;
  • Applicable study of hydrocarbon reservoir exploration techniques and innovative study of exploration and prospecting techniques, aiming to expanding the strategic reserve of mineral and hydrocarbon resources in China.

  Ever since its establishment in 2008, the Center has undertaken a series of resource-oriented research projects at both state and regional levels, including state science and technology program, state science and technology brainstorming program, resource-oriented research program for dangerous mines, and projects granted by PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, part of the project achievements has been assessed and approved and has yielded remarkable social and economic benefits.  

With the healthy, fast and sustainable development of the national economy and the society, demand for hydrocarbon and mineral resources becomes increasingly urgent. Therefore, we believe that the Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources Research Center of GIGCAS will play an increasingly important role in exploration and prediction of hydrocarbon and mineral resources.  

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