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Dynamics of mantle plume and its role in continental evolution of South China craton TEXT SIZE: A A A
Through a detailed field geological, petrological (covering melt inclusions), geochemical and geochronological study and based on geophysical survey data, the project aims to investigate the spatial and temporal distribution of basic and acidic rocks in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province (ELIP), the relationship between chemical inhomogeneity of mantle plumes and crustal-mantle recycling, and the crustal metamorphism under the influence of mantle plumes, and to understand the dynamic processes and key geological records of mantle plume activity. Based on these study results, the model for the upper Proterozoic mantle plumes in South China can be further tested from the aspects of the rock-structure combinations, geochronological data and key geological records of volcanic. Through global comparison, strict constraints on the mechanism and timing of disintegration of Rodinia supercontinent were found. Based on a study of the age for the boundary between middle and late Permian and of the strata above and below the boundary, the relationship between late Permian environmental change and end-Guadalupian biotic extinction event was explored, and the timing and geological and geochemical records for the extreme climatic environment in the late Proterozoic in South China were investigated. Additionally, some synchronous igneous rocks that may possibly be associated with the Emeishan Large Igneous Province (ELIP) and the Upper Proterozoic mantle plumes in South China were explored. The results of this project would be significant to an in-depth understanding of the dynamic process of mantle plumes, the response of organism and environment to the process of mantle plume activity and their relationships with the evolution the supercontinent, and would push forward the related scientific research in this field in China and enable the research to be listed in the forefront by the international academic community.


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