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Brief Introduction
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The Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) was established in 1993 through a merger of existing institutions. In 2002, it expanded to include the Changsha Institute of Geotectonics.


GIGCAS focuses on the core disciplines of organic geochemistry, element and isotope geochemistry, ore deposit geochemistry, structural geology, petrology, mineralogy, and experimental geochemistry. As part of its mission, it conducts important resource and environmental research to solve sustainability problems at the national and regional levels. The institute is also working to improve its innovative capacity in an effort to meet China‘s national strategic demands.


GIGCAS has nearly 300 employees, including one Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) academician, one foreign academician from the Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 recipients of grants from the Outstanding Young Scientists Fund sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 24 finalists for the CAS Hundred Talent Program, and three research teams accredited by NSFC. In addition, GIGCAS staff members hold 26 positions in international organizations and journals.


The institute is home to two national key laboratories and four CAS or provincial key laboratories. It has also achieved international recognition in a number of research fields, including ultrahigh-pressure mineral and shock metamorphism, biomarkers and the genesis of oil and gas, environmental and ecological risk evaluation of toxic organic pollutants, metallogenesis of dispersed-element (e.g., Ga, In, Ge, Se and Tl) ore deposits and super-large ore deposits, cratonic destruction and evolution of the continental lithosphere, and mantle plumes and their environmental and economic impact. These achievements place GIGCAS at the center of earth science and environmental science research in South China, making it one of the premier CAS institutes in the earth and environmental sciences.


GIGCAS conducts international collaboration with leading research institutes in developed countries, while at the same time cooperating with institutions in Southeast Asia. This approach has enabled GIGCAS to increase its international presence, obtain high-quality results through collaborative research, and increase its international influence in the fields of earth and environmental science.


GIGCAS has established two joint research units. In 2008, the institute founded the Joint Laboratory of Chemical Geodynamics in cooperation with the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Hong Kong. In 2012, it set up the International Research and Innovation Centre for the Environment (IRICE) in collaboration with the Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University and the CAS Institute of Urban Environment. In addition, GIGCAS has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (2007); Curtin University of Technology (2009); Lancaster University (2012); the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Hong Kong (2008); Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2012); and four other overseas colleges and universities. These agreements promote collaboration in a number of areas, such as scientific research, personnel exchange, graduate training, and the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge.





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