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Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) is an institute founded in 1993 with its independent institutional system. GIGCAS now has a cohort of 273 employees, covering 162 researchers, 52 research fellows, 1 academician with Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 1 academician with Russian Academy of Sciences, 80+ Ph. D. advisers (inclusive of foreign advisers working on a part-time basis), 18 laureates of the CAS program for 100 outstanding scientists, 14 laureates of the National Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists, 2 leading scientists for National Brainstorm Projects, 2 Innovation Teams for National Natural Science Foundation, and 2 Innovation Teams for Guangdong Natural Science Foundation.

In regard to the targets for development, GIGCAS aims to be focused on geology, geochemistry, oceanic science and environmental science, and attempts to make basic, strategic and prospective research achievements in two major fields, i.e., dynamics and economic resources on continental margin, land-ocean interaction and its environmental impact, and in the orientation of geological and geochemical exploration on extreme conditions. In this way, GIGCAS tries to lay a knowledge foundation for solving major scientific issues like resources, energy, environment and disasters as encountered in economic and social development of China.

Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) shows abundant potential and enjoys high reputation for its academic research, and has the environment and experience for training of high level talents. Currently, GIGCAS has five large laboratories, i.e., State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, CAS Key Laboratory of Isotope Chronology and Geochemistry, CAS Key Laboratory of Marginal Sea Geology and Economic Resources, GIGCAS Key Laboratory of Geology and Geochemistry on Extreme Conditions and GIGCAS Key Laboratory of Mineralization Dynamics. On the basis of these five large laboratories, two research centers featuring interdisciplinary and integrated researches were established, and they are CAS Pearl River Delta Research Center of Environmental Pollution and Control and GIGCAS Research Center for Hydrocarbon Resources and Ore Deposits. The experimental instruments here are advanced and can satisfy the requirements for academic research and graduate education.

In recent years, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) develops very fast, as its competitive edge in scientific research was sharpened remarkably, scientific progresses were abundant, and a group of excellent talents from both home and abroad came to join our group. Moreover, remarkable achievements were made in organization and execution of research projects, bidding for research projects, application and purchase of large research instruments as well as scientific research, and indices for all these aspects show a tendency of increase on an annual basis.

Currently, GIGCAS has a mobile station for post-doc researchers in geology, and has the right to confer Ph.D. degrees in four disciplines, i.e., geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology and economic geology, structural geology, and environmental science. Also, GIGCAS has the right to confer M.Sc. degrees in eight disciplines, i.e., geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology and economic geology, Quaternary geology, structural geology, marine geology, environmental science, environmental engineering, cartology and geographic information system.

The research orientations for graduate students coincide with the research orientations of GIGCAS, as the research work of GIGCAS is focused on resources, energy, ecology, environment and disasters which are closely related to the sustainable development of our national economy, and aims at a coordinated development of nature and society, with an emphasis being put on the development of interdisciplinary fields. Graduate students are entitled to application for program grants for foreign travel on a medium to short period basis, or for grants for Sino-foreign joint training program, during their tenure. Also, they are entitled to application for CAS President Scholarship and scholarships of other titles. The stipend for graduate students will be issued according to state standards, and allowance for research assistant can also be applied for as long as such posts are open for students. Currently GIGCAS has multiple apartments for graduate students. Generally, the environment for living, research and learning in GIGCAS is excellent.

Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) is located in the research and university district of Guangzhou City, and enjoys beautiful scenery and an excellent ecological environment, where academic, education and cultural tradition has a long history. So we welcome and encourage excellent graduates and potential researchers to be enrolled in our versatile research programs.

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